The CDT credential is getting an upgrade

The Construction Document Technologist (CDT) program is designed to teach any interested AECP professional (Architect / Engineer/ Contractor and Product Rep) the overall process and best practices in the preparation, delivery and management of construction documents.  It has been an outstanding program based on 70 years of CSI lessons learned, and a real boon to improving work performance for experienced and emerging professionals alike.   Since its inception the CDT has been a course of study, validated by an exam.   It was considered a “certificate” that had no ongoing education or renewal requirements because it was intended as a gateway for obtaining “advanced” certification in Specification Writing (CCS), Construction Contract Administration (CCCA), or Product Representation (CCPR).  Many went from earning a CDT to become multiple CSI certification holders .   Today thousands of CDT holders can be found working in all aspects of design, construction, and product support nationwide.

With the July 1, 2018 change the CDT will gradually become a renewable certification program.  This will provide parity with other professional development programs in all fields, giving the CDT a sound basis of validation and assure your employers, clients, and customers that you fully understand their Project Delivery needs.   Sharing a consistent and repeatable body of knowledge, with continuing education support, CDT holders raise the performance and outcome of all projects.

What can you expect?:

  • No action is required at this time of current candidates or CDT holders.
  • For current CDT certificate holders, the credential is still valid.
  • Renewal of any CSI credential is fully voluntary.
  • First Renewal of the CDT certification is not required until June 30, 2021.


CDT Prerequisite Requirement:

  • High School diploma or equivalent


CDT Renewal Requirements (3-year renewal cycle):

  • Complete Renewal Application via CSI website
  • Provide evidence of completion for 24 credit hours of continuing education
  • Pay current renewal fee


Supporting professional success is CSI’s primary reason for being, and the CDT credential is an important professional accomplishment.    Those of you who have studied for the CDT exam know that it is no walk in the park.   Every CDT candidate truly earned their certificate, and future candidates will also realize the value of ongoing education to support their CDT.   With its added support, the CDT certification will be held up as a “gold” standard of certification.

Starting in 2021, current CDT holders must renew to retain their certification status.  Professionals holding upper level certification (CCS, CCPR, and CCCA) already have continuing education and renewal requirements and this will cover their CDT renewal as well.

For additional information regarding CSI Certifications and Renewal view the Frequently Asked Questions, download the Continuing Education upload instructions (PDF), or contact CSI Member Services at 800-689-2900 (Monday - Friday, 8am - 8pm ET) or at [email protected].    Or call your local CSI Chapter Certifications Chairman:

Scott Whitcraft, RA CSI CCS

Certifications Chairman
Greater St.Louis Chapter of CSI
[email protected] |  314-605-4635

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