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President's Report

Spring Cleaning Equals Great Surface Preparation

As we breeze through springtime and quickly into summer, I begin to think about projects around the house that need attention and maintenance. As with the start of any project, surface preparation is a key to success.

The type of substrate will dictate the type of surface preparation. If working with steel substrates, removing contaminants like dirt, rust and salts and providing a good anchor profile is key. When working with wood and concrete substrates, removing contaminants like dirt, mold and mildew and having a dry substrate is important. But most of all, having a clean, dry substrate insures that whatever you do next will perform to its best ability.

As with all these substrates, different products and techniques can be used. Whether you are chemically or mechanicaly preparing your substrate, make sure you have the right equipment and work in a safe manner. Specifications call out what type of surface preparation is required in the Execution Section, or Part Three. Manufacturer's list surface preparation requirements in their technical documents. These will prescribe the expectations to a successful job.

So as I leave you, I will start with good surface prepartion around the house, and hopefully my projects will go smoothly. I look forward to seeing all at the May 17th St Louis Arch Tour. I also invite you to our Awards and Installation Party. It is June 7th at Syberg's in Maryland Heights. Please visit our website and sign up today. As always, please reach out at anytime if you have any questions or comments. Your Board and I are here to serve.


David O'Bryan Jr., CSI, CDT



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Featured Event

2017 Awards Dinner

2017-06 Awards

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Hager DL Neuner Tnemec Rust-o-leum



$25.00 Member Ticket includes buffet dinner, cash bar

$25.00 Member Guest Ticket includes buffet dinner, cash bar

$25.00 Non-Member Ticket includes buffet dinner, cash bar

$100.00 Event Sponsor

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Upcoming Events

Jun 7

Awards Dinner

Please join us as we recognize a year's worth of achievements and look forward to next season!

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Sep 13


CSIs annual conference and expo, this year in Providence, Rhode Island

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Your chapter nominated Kansas City firm Performance Contracting Group for a region Craftsmanship Award and we are pleased to announce that they won! Congratulations, PCG. We hope you can join us at our Awards event in June to collect it in person.

Performance Contracting Group

What about other awards? Come to the 2017 Awards Dinner and find out!

Here are some past awards the Chapter and its members have earned through last year:

Gary Betts Memorial Award


No Awards to Chapter

Distinguished Service Award


  • 2013 - Tom Smith CSI
  • 2014 - J. Brok Howard, CSI CDT, NIBS, AIA

Region Commendation


  • 2016- Greater St. Louis Chapter Construct 2016 Committee

Region Cooperation Award


  • 2015 - Associated General Contractors of Missouri
    Construction Alliance

Region Technical Commendation


No Awards to Chapter

Region Education Commendation


  • 2013 - Ed Glock CSI
  • 2014 - David L. Neuner Jr. CSI CDT

Region Student Liaison Award


  • 2010 - George Everding CSI, CCS, CCCA, AIA
  • 2011 - George Everding CSI, CCS, CCCA, AIA
  • 2013 - Michael Cerutti CSI
  • 2014 - Kevin Geil CSI
  • 2016 - Thomas R. Schwetye CSI

Region Craftsmanship Award


  • 2016 - IWR Building Systems

Special Publication Commendation


  • 2013 - Greater St. Louis Chapter
  • 2016 - Stephen M. Gantner Jr. CSI, CCS, CCCA

Electronic Media Award

Electronic / Social Media Award


  • 2010 - Allison Brumbach CSI
  • 2011 - J. Brok Howard CSI, CDT
  • 2016 - Michael Byrd CSI, CDT / Ginny L. Powell CSI

Institute Director Award


  • 2014 - Kenneth Moore, FCSI, Member Emeritus, CCS, SCIP
  • 2015 - George Everding CSI, CCS, CCCA, AIA

Region Service Award


  • 2013 - Courtney Howard CSI
  • 2014 - George Everding CSI, CCS, CCCA, AIA
  • 2014 - J. Brok Howard, CSI, CDT, NIBS, AIA
  • 2015 - Peter Russell CSI, CCS, RA, LEED AP

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From the Editor

As the 2016-17 Season winds down we are planning for next season and working hard on streamlining our chapter communications and web services.

It's clear that the convenience of keeping current information and registration online is increasingly popular and so we need to keep working on making these systems easier to manage and more useful to our members.

So if you have any complaints, thoughts, ideas, questions, or comments about features that we have or need to have or shouldn't have then please let me know at the next program or at the Awards Dinner. stlouiscsi.org will continue to evolve to become always easier to use and maintain, and we really need your input.

For example:

1. Next year I would like to put committee updates into the hands of each committee chair in the form of a blog that they update themselves.

2. Next year I would like to feature more member photos. How many of you are willing to help take some pictures of our chapter activities or share your favorite photos of Saint Louis architecture?

3. Next year I would like to streamline the ticketing process and have all purchasers buy a single ticket, with members using a voucher to receive their discount benefit.

4. Next year I'd like to have a separate Sponsorships store for purchasing New Products Show Tables, Event Sponsorships, etc.. I think this would make event registration simpler by eliminating the huge list of things to add to your cart at check out.

5. Are you a non-affiliated CSI member? If so, we'd like to extend our invitations to you and will offer our member discount to you as well. But the process for doing this needs some thought as our website currently doesn't maintain a complete list of Institute members. How does this work for you in other chapters?

Specifically Yours,

Michael Byrd, CDT AIA


CORE10 Architecture


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North Central Region News

I'm giving Gina Ravens a break this month because instead of the usual NCR conference call the CSI Madison Chapter hosted the annual regional conference.

Myself, Chapter President-Elect + Region Awards Chair David Neuner, Chapter Technical Committee Chair + Region Secretary + Region Education and Programs Chair Steve Gantner, and JG Fellow George Everding represented our chapter the first weekend of May this year in Madison. It was a terrific conference and we really appreciate the hospitality of all of Madison's leadership.

Awards! Saint Louis came home with a bunch of them. If you want more details you'll have to join us at the Awards Dinner in June.

The training sessions were great this year. I personally attended President-Elect Training on Thursday and got a bunch of great ideas from the new round-table format let by Region President Andrea Zawodny. I also enjoyed the Project Management session, lecture on the latest in Cross-Laminated Timber technology, and the new roundtable on maintaining Chapter Archives led by the fine folks at CSI Chicago. Additionally our own Steve Gantner led a session on Education Programs and David Neuner, Jr. led a session on Awards.

The opening night mixer at the Children's Museum was a lot of fun and introduced the Greater Saint Louis delegation to fine local Wisconsin beer. And the closing night Awards Dinner featured some excellent Walleye (for those of us with the foresight to choose it) and the best Old-Fashioned this report has ever had. Well done WI.

Don't be afraid of the April 12-14 date for the next NCR conference in Duluth. Saint Louisans still know plenty about getting around in the winter and our hosts assure us that the downtown is well served by tunnels and walkways so we can keep warm and dry. Plans are already starting for a caravan north next spring. Ask me for details.

And to cap it all off I enjoyed especially a super-useful Conference Planning session because your own Greater Saint Louis Chapter is hosting the 2019 NCR Conference. So planning is already underway - keep reading The Spectator for the latest news as our event takes shape.

Specifically Yours,

Michael Byrd, CDT AIA


CORE10 Architecture

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