Apr 21

New Products Show

Join us to see the latest new offerings from area vendors at the 2017 NPS at The Heights

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CSI Greater Saint Louis Chapter is the region's chapter of the Construction Specifications Institute. Learn about our upcoming meetings, programs, and events to connect you to the most knowledgeable design and construction professionals in town. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter to keep up to date. And to get the full benefits of CSI, please JOIN at the link above or via csinet.org (remember to choose the Greater Saint Louis Chapter when signing up). Click Here to create a New Login or to Reset your Password (note: If creating a New Login, you MUST use the email address on file with CSI to verify your membership status with the Chapter)


North Central Region News

North Central Region is increasing their communication through their monthly newsletter. They would like to include in their newsletter information about programs and people from all of the chapters within the NCR Region. They would also like for individuals to share stories and ideas to be publishe...

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CDT Study Sessions

Local Study Sessions offered for CDT Candidates.  Preparing for the CDT exam is an investment that pays big dividends.  The CDT program provides you the foundations of professional practice in the AEC industry.  Architects, Contractors, Vendors and Owners can all benefit by learning t...

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Feb 21

Module 2

Module 2: Planning and Pre-Design 1.5 hours / AIA / HSW / LUs

Feb 25

Module 3 & 4

Module 3: Design 1.5 hours / AIA / HSW / LUs. Module 4: Construction Documents, Part 1 2.0 hours AIA / HSW / LUs

Feb 28

Module 5

Module 5: Construction Documents, Part 2 2.0 hours AIA / HSW/ LUs